Feeling Guilty About Daycare? It Could Help Your Kids!

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If you are a parent who must leave home in order to provide a living for your kids, you may feel guilty about leaving them in daycare. Many pressures in society try to make parents feel guilty for leaving their kids for a few hours each day, but there is actually much good that can come from this arrangement. This is especially true in the case of young children. Studies like this one have shown that there are actually many benefits that your child may reap from attending a high-quality daycare. Some examples of these benefits are as follows.

A Set Schedule

Children thrive on routine. While some parents struggle to maintain a schedule in the home, daycares could not function without a good schedule in place. Some parents may wonder how daycare providers can handle 10-20 children, but the answer is found in respecting a schedule. Once your child becomes accustomed to the schedule of their daycare, they may even do better at home with a similar schedule. 


Another way that daycare helps kids is by allowing them to interact with other little people their age. This is a great way to help your child learn many social skills that they will need later in life, like how to share, interact with others, and make friendships. Sometimes kids who do not have any siblings at home struggle with how to interact with other children and make friends. However, those who attend daycare regularly are taught these skills. 

Better Emotional Control

The simple fact of the matter is that sometimes your child will be sad to go to daycare. However, this is not always a bad thing. Expressing emotion in a controlled environment like daycare can actually help your kids to gain better control over their emotions. They learn that it is okay to feel things, but mommy or daddy will come back and adults can help them. Many also learn self-soothing principles.

Advances in Education

While some kids who may be hanging out at home are watching TV or playing on an iPad, kids in daycare are being taught their first lessons. Many daycare organizations are skilled at teaching young children colors, numbers, and letters, helping them to be well prepared to enter kindergarten. 

In conclusion, parents should feel no guilt or shame in needing to take their child to daycare. In addition to improving the financial stability of your home by your income, your children are gaining experience and know-how by going to daycare. It is a great arrangement for many families. Find a daycare near you like Lighthouse  Academy today.