What Goes Into An Infant Adopton Match?

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When you want to have an infant adopted into your home, you will often be subjected to what is referred to as an infant adoption match. This is a special process that ensures you are the right home for an infant, whether they are already born and the birth parents have hopes for the credentials their chosen adoptive parents will have or you are adopting a child that has not been born yet and the birth parents have yet to decide what they desire in adoptive parents.  

What goes into an infant adoption match? Quite a bit, actually. It's worth it to invest a little time into what a birth parent or adoption agency may expect from you as an adopting parent. Here are just some of the things that go into an infant adoption match.

Your familial or religious background

Before you are chosen for an infant adoption match, which means that a biological parent has selected you for their child, you will have to submit your background information regarding your family and your religious background. Of course, you don't have to present any information you're not comfortable submitting, but for the most part, the more transparent you are, the more likely your application to adopt will be noticed.

Include family information, such as whether you have children or not and their ages, whether you work outside of the home or not, and what your religious or spiritual background is.

Why you want to adopt

You may want to adopt for several reasons and the family you are adopting from wants to know your journey. Are you done having biological children or are unable to or don't want to have children of your own and wish to adopt? Are you adopted, or have you had an adopted sibling or parent? Are you familiar with adoption and have adopted in the past? Is this the first time you have adopted and you have personal reasons for doing so? The people you are adopting from would like to know your story to see if you are the best infant adoption match for them.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to adoption, only honest ones. If you stay the course and do your part to make adopting a child successful, then you can have a more successful experience. In the end, being open in the adoption process can have the very best results and help you complete an adoption and make your family complete sooner.

Contact a local adoption service to learn more about infant adoption matches.