Topics And Toddler Development Blogs: What Parents Can Expect

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What topics do toddler development blogs cover? Whether you're a first-time parent or this is just your first time searching for advice from a blog, take a look at the top toddler, child development, and parenting topics you can find online.

General Child Development

Do you want to learn more about major milestones between one and three years? Posts that feature generally accepted toddler development markers and goals can help you to better understand what you can expect and when to expect it. These blog posts could contain content that features each developmental domain separately (cognitive, emotional, social, and physical) or the ways that each area is connected to and builds on the others.

Specific Areas of Child Development

Some blogs include specific advice on one area of child development. Instead of a main domain (again—cognitive, emotional, social, and physical), this type of content focuses on one issue or developmental milestone. These posts are helpful for parents who want to learn more about a subject such as receptive language development, movement at specific ages, self-regulation, self-care, or creativity during the toddler years.

Early Learning and Child Development

This topic could center around what to expect from early learning during the toddler period, the early learning environment (such as preschool or daycare), or both. These posts may include early learning milestones or even activities to try with your toddler at home. They may also focus on which type of early learning environment is the best option for different situations or needs, the different types of early education experiences that are popular right now, or how to choose the best daycare/preschool for your child.

Activities and Child Development

Are you searching for easy activity ideas that will help your child to develop new skills or master existing ones? Parent advice toddler development blogs often include age-appropriate, engaging art, science, literacy, math, and other projects or explorations for young children. 

If you're not sure what to look for in a toddler activity or which posts feature the best options for your child, consider:

Some blogs connect activity posts to other developmental articles. Whether this is through a link inside of the post or additional paragraphs of information, it can help you to better understand how each project/exploration will impact your toddler and what to expect from your child as they work through the activity.