Have A Newborn? How To Find Good Child Care

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If your maternity leave is coming to a halt, and you have to head back to work, then you may be anxious about finding childcare that is best for your baby. To ensure that your newborn baby is happy and healthy while they are at childcare, there are a few different things that you should look for. But what exactly? This article will take a closer look. Ready to learn some more? If so, then read on. 

Nap Time

When you have a young baby, nap time is crucial to their growth and development. Make sure that you look for a childcare facility that offers a safe and structured nap time schedule for your child.

For instance, you want one that has individual cribs for the babies and that is in a separate room from the older kids so that they aren't woken up. Although your childcare center may need to change their nap time schedule around by an hour or so, they should still be able to stick to a schedule that consists of two nap times a day. 


Whether you are nursing or you are doing formula, you want to make sure that your newborn baby gets enough bottles throughout the day. Make sure that you find a childcare center that has a written schedule of how often they are supposed to feed your baby, and make sure they know how to do things like burp your baby as well. If you are nursing, you may have to store frozen milk at the childcare center for them to thaw as needed, but that shouldn't be an inconvenience. 


Although your newborn may not be crawling right now, they will be in the next several months. You want to make sure that the childcare facility has all safety measures in place.

For instance, you want the center to have a secure check-in and check-out desk so that your child isn't prone to kidnapping. You also want to make sure all of the toys are safe and not small enough that the baby will choke on them.

Another thing to look into is that they have put safety plugs in all of the outlets and locks on things like the toilets. These are all things that will help keep your kid safe as they grow. 

Keep these things in mind when you are shopping around for a childcare center for your newborn.