3 Ways To Increase Enrollment At Your Preschool

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If you are not on target to reach your enrollment goals for your preschool for the upcoming fall session, here are three steps you can take that should help you increase your overall enrollment.

#1: Offer Incentives For Current Families

The first thing that you should do is reach out to current families. Making your current families happy can help you with your enrollment. Offer them incentives if they re-enroll their qualifying children in your preschool for the next school year.

You should also offer incentives for referrals. For families that will be returning, offer a discount off of next year's tuition for each referral that they bring in and who signs up to attend preschool at your center. For families that will not be returning next year, offer a discount off their final payment for the year or a reimbursement of a certain amount if their final payment has already been processed.

You'll bring in more money if your center is full and a few families are benefiting from these incentives than if you fail to offer and you are below your target enrollment for next year. Your current families can be the best advertisement for your preschool.  

#2: Expand Your Options

Next, you may need to look into expanding your options that you provide families with. Maybe your preschool center's enrollment is below target because you are not offering what other area centers are. Do some research and find out what other area centers are offering and poll your current parents to see if there are any options they wish you were offering that you currently are not providing.

For example, many preschools offer early drop-offs or after-school care for parents who pay for those services. Or perhaps other preschools in your area offer more field trips and bring in more outside activities for their students. You may find that families are willing to pay more to get more access to expanded options.

#3: Participate In Local Summer Events Targeted At Families

Finally, get the name of your center out there by participating in events that target local families. For example, if there is a park nearby that shows family-friendly movies, offer to sponsor one of the nights or run a booth at the event. Find out what summer events are happening in your area that your preschool can get involved in and meet families who may enroll in your school. Your school may just not have the exposure it needs at a community level to meet your target enrollment goals.

By taking the three steps above, you should be able to meet your enrollment goals for next fall. Remember, you'll have an easier time meeting enrollment goals in the future by providing extras that families look for, and by providing all of your current students with a great learning experience so you generate more positive buzz around your preschool. Contact a company like Mendon Child Care Ctr for more information.